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     ARCH ENEMY - The Eagle Flies Alone (OFFICIAL VIDEO).
    Taken from the album "Will To Power", out September 8th, 2017
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    Directed by Patric Ullaeus
    Music: Michael Amott
    Lyrics: Michael Amott
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    "The Eagle Flies Alone"
    When I was born
    The seed was sown
    I will not obey
    My life is my own
    Battle those who wish to enslave me
    Expose the lies that enrage me
    I don’t believe in heaven
    I don’t believe in hell
    Never joined the herd
    Could not adjust well
    Slave and master, it’s not for me
    I chose my own path, set myself free
    I, I go my own way
    I, swim against the stream
    Forever I will fight the powers that be
    The eagle flies alone
    Reject the system
    That dictates the norm
    This world is full of
    Lies and deceit
    I have felt betrayal, cut so deep
    Suffered defeat, only to rise again
    #ArchEnemy #TheEagleFliesAlone #WillToPower
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