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  • Музыкальный клип Nightwish - Perfume Of The Timeless на сайте, вы можете посмотреть его онлайн или скачать бесплатно и без регистрации. 
    Official Music video for Nightwish's brand new single "Perfume Of The Timeless" , out now.
    From the upcoming album Yesterwynde, out September 20th.
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    Mixed by Mikko Karmila & Tero Kinnunen at Finnvox Studios
    Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios
    Guillaume Néry (Footage from “One Breath Around The World” filmed by Franck Seguin )
    Tommi Pasanen
    Pavlos Kourtellas
    Filmed by:
    Eki Halkka
    Ville Lipiäinen
    Masa Mason
    Tommi Pasanen
    Drone Kitee:
    Hannu Putkuri
    Visual effects:
    Eki Halkka
    Floor Jansen costume by:
    Outsa Höylä
    Make up by:
    Alex Laulajainen
    Production assist:
    Piritta Lipiäinen
    Natural History Museum at Tring team:
    Joanne Cooper
    Ian Watson
    Catherine O’Carroll
    Hailey Bickham
    Claire Walsh
    Edited & Directed by:
    Ville Lipiäinen
    Something from the earth came
    Something for the world
    Mosaic of broken fragile pieces
    Tesserae of the deceased
    Born to a novel world
    Endless chain unbroken
    Silent clocks rewinding
    My song it is for mankind
    Embers to the stars
    We are their heir, dust on their palm
    We are because of a million loves
    We´re the perfume of the timeless
    Last sighs on a death bed
    Time set
    For a curious ghost
    Lives lived plain and epic
    Of eudaemonia
    12 score and 1 chain of lives unending
    Welcoming as my offspring
    Walks me to the weave
    #nightwish #perfumeofthetimeless #yesterwynde #metal
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