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    Official music video for "Pendulum" by Italian symphonic metal giants Fleshgod Apocalypse.
    Francesco: Himself
    Veronica: Fate
    I'll kill myself without realizing it
    Nail after nail until the bitter end
    Love for the unknown is what brought me up here
    Where air is so thin that we can barely breathe
    But better not look down
    (Fate) - But this time you went too far -
    Oh come on!
    (Fate) - On the path of no return -
    I can't believe it!
    I'm falling down
    Straight to f---g hell
    I'm dying, help!
    Nobody hears
    "The dead" is the man who can not give up
    Haunted by the fear of dishonour
    Dreams made of lead fill my barrel
    Waiting to be shot straight into my brain
    My russian roulette
    I'm falling down
    Straight to f---g hell
    I'm dying, help!
    Nobody hears "the dead"
    (Fate) - Like dead meat hanging by a thread -
    But it's not my fault...
    (Fate) - You get the end you deserve -
    Sooner or later...
    (Fate) - Lost soul! -
    Swinging between life and death in a world upside down
    (Fate) - Fool! Walking on the edge! -
    And now I'm a god damned pendulum
    (Fate) - Come up against this inglorious end -
    Yes, a f---g pendulum!
    I'm falling down
    Straight to f---g hell
    I'm dying, help!
    The f---g pendulum!
    Death… our inevitable ruin that calls for us sooner or later. Many who are fortunate enough to temporarily escape its fatal clutches experience life altering changes, finding renewed purpose, rejuvenated creative spirit and a reawakening of the soul. Such as the story goes for FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE frontman Francesco Paoli who in 2021 was involved in a tragic mountain climbing accident that left him clinging to life with years of recovery ahead, and ultimately inspiring the band’s first music in years.
    Inspired by horrific event, the new single ‘Pendulum’ swings with intense ferocity and baroque classical movements, seething with anguished pain.
    Commenting on the song, Francesco Paoli says:
    “This is the first song we release since my ‘dance’ with death, back in August 2021. It's obvious that such a life changing event would have affected our music. It took a toll on me, physically and mentally, and sharing my experience is also part of my healing process. Pendulum is just the opening chapter of a bigger story, which is yet to be told…”
    Mixed and mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Arch Enemy), ‘Pendulum’ encapsulates all the core elements that FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE are known for: sheer violence, majestic orchestrations and soaring operatic melodies. The stunning artwork was created by Italian artist Ludovico Cioffi.
    The new single is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Martina L. McLean (GHOST, OCEANA).
    Paoli adds about the video:
    “The music video, realized by visionary Italian director Martina L. McLean, turned my unfortunate incident into a monumental visual experience, an awe inspiring blend of obscure symbolism, surreal architectures and nightmarish mythological creatures. It perfectly portraits the struggle and the desperation of that day, a day of defeat... but also the day of my rebirth.”
    Fleshgod Apocalypse
    Francesco Paoli
    Veronica Bordacchini
    Francesco Ferrini
    Fabio Bartoletti
    Eugene Ryabchenko
    Video Credits
    Directed and edited by Martina L. McLean
    Francesco Esposito
    Stefano Camaioni
    Camera op:
    Giulio Belviso
    Prod. Manager:
    Martina Ronca
    Prod. Ass.:
    Jessica Ponza
    Leonardo Sapio
    Set and props:
    Emiliano Ferroni
    Stunt Coord:
    Flavio Cicconi
    Ass. Stunt Coord:
    Alessandro Cardi
    Stunt Rigger:
    Massimiliano Bianchi
    Elena Turcan
    Valentina Parrino
    Gelsi Costumi d’Arte
    Flavia Tomassi
    Costumes Ass.:
    Marta Petrucci
    Shibari Artist:
    Valerio Martella
    Ass. VFX:
    S. Turconi
    Office Production:
    Silvio Cambedda
    Alessandro Salari
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