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    Knives taken from the self-titled album by Bullet For My Valentine out now
    Let the madness begin
    Living with snakes
    Feeding the hate
    Kill the betrayal
    Shedding of skin
    Bitter within
    Cower in shame
    Venomous tongue
    Blacken the lungs
    Inducing the pain
    Inducing the pain
    Constant pushing provoking reactions
    Bring out the knives
    To cut and divide
    Another scar for memory
    Bring out the knives
    To cut and divide
    Let em bleed watch em burn in the fire
    Digging a hole
    Bury the trust
    Lay it to rest
    Swallow the dirt
    Breathe in the dust
    Savour the taste
    Hammer the nails
    Nothing to save
    Walking away
    Walking away from
    Constant screaming provoking its madness
    Breaking apart
    Torn at the seems
    Sanity fails
    Dragged from the edge
    Pushed into hell
    Never again
    So keep on digging your own grave
    I see the panic it’s sickening
    You’re not a saint not a slave
    Now just focus on the pain
    I hear the voices they’re calling
    To sever forever insanity
    You’re not a saint you’re a slave
    Just swallow the dirt
    And breathe in the dust
    Now savour the taste
    No walking away
    No walking away
    Bring out the knives
    Creative Direction - Fiona Garden
    Collaborative co-direction with Carl Addy
    Director of Photography - Karol Jurga
    aM cuts - Danni Sp00ner
    Art direction and creation of visual & textual assets - Carl Addy
    Editor - Sara Faulkner
    Animation & VFX - Gabriel Thomas Ayache
    Edit producer - Rebecca Townsend
    Makeup & band grooming - Sara Bowden
    Gaffer: Kevin Roberts
    Spark: Dax Sharkey
    1AC: Daniel Deighton
    2AC: Osman “Tekko” Tekdemir
    Projections: Ben Ashton
    Art Department: Jade Creighton
    Produced by Tim Paton
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