BELZEBUBS - Cathedrals Of Mourning

  • Видеоклип BELZEBUBS - Cathedrals Of Mourning

  • BELZEBUBS - Cathedrals Of Mourning (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from their album “Pantheon of the Nightside Gods”
    Hailing from the abysmal forests of the mystic North, Belzebubs has possessed a stealthy, cult status throughout their existence. Originally summoned together in 2002, the band has succeeded in creating a thrilling blend of melodic black metal, guttural growls and vivid solos, forged with progressive twists and cinematic soundscapes. Accompanied by a new drummer and a three-record-deal with Century Media, Belzebubs finally feels fit to take on the (under)world. “Cathedrals Of Mourning” is the band's first second single, taken from their upcoming debut album, “Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods”. It was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, who's also responsible for the sound of Dark Funeral’s The Secrets Of The Black Arts, Dissection’s The Somberlain and many more.
    Hubbath - vocals, bass
    Obesyx - lead guitars
    Sløth - guitars, vocals
    Samaël - drums
    Script & Storyboard: JP Ahonen & Samppa Kukkonen
    Director: Samppa Kukkonen
    Graphics & Characters: JP Ahonen
    Animation: Kalle Rantakallio, Reetta Halkosaari, Samppa Kukkonen, Anna Mikkola, Konsta Hormia
    3D Modeling: Lauri Järvenpää & Ville Lukka
    3D Animation: Kalle Rantakallio & Lauri Järvenpää
    Compositing: Samppa Kukkonen
    Sound Design: Jani Lehto
    Line Producer: Inari Halme
    Producer: Terhi Väänänen
    Production Company: Pyjama Films 2019

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