ENEMY INSIDE - "Black Butterfly" (Official VIdeo)

  • ENEMY INSIDE - Black Butterfly (Official Video)
    Enemy Inside:
    Nastassja Giulia - Vocals
    Evan K - Lead Guitars
    Dave Hadarik - Rhythm Guitars
    Dominik Stotzem - Bass
    Feli Keith - Drums
    Music and lyrics written by Nastassja Giulia & Evan K.
    Audio produced by Evan K, mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd.
    Video concept & story by Nastassja Giulia. Filmed and edited by Jonas Sommer.
    VFX by Jonas Sommer, Elias Sommer, Clara-Chantal Knitterscheidt, Florian Fortkord.
    Artwork & Pictures by Dave Hadarik.
    Make Up by Kami Zero.
    Special thanks to our lovely actors Maria Messere and Maristella Messere.

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